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@@ -25,8 +25,7 @@ Public gists have guessable URLs and can be created with "-p", you can also set
the description at the top of the gist by passing "-d".
Anonymous gists are not associated with your GitHub account, they can be created
-with "-a" even after you have used "gist --login". If you already have an access
-token with the "gist" scope, you can pass that with "-t".
+with "-a" even after you have used "gist --login".
If you would like to shorten the resulting gist URL, use the -s flag. This will
use GitHub's URL shortener,
@@ -40,7 +39,7 @@ Instead of creating a new gist, you can update an existing one by passing its ID
or URL with "-u". For this to work, you must be logged in, and have created the
original gist with the same GitHub account.
-Usage: #{executable_name} [-o|-c|-e] [-p] [-s] [-d DESC] [-t TOKEN|-a] [-u URL] [-P] [-f NAME]* FILE*
+Usage: #{executable_name} [-o|-c|-e] [-p] [-s] [-d DESC] -a] [-u URL] [-P] [-f NAME]* FILE*
#{executable_name} --login
@@ -75,13 +74,10 @@ Usage: #{executable_name} [-o|-c|-e] [-p] [-s] [-d DESC] [-t TOKEN|-a] [-u URL]
options[:anonymous] = true
- opts.on("-t", "--token OAUTH_TOKEN", "The OAuth2 access_token to use.") do |token|
- options[:access_token] = token
- end
opts.on("-c", "--copy", "Copy the resulting URL to the clipboard") do
options[:copy] = true
opts.on("-e", "--embed", "Copy the embed code for the gist to the clipboard") do
options[:embed] = true
options[:copy] = true

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