Failed (but present) pbcopy == ugly exception #23

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rking commented Jan 21, 2013

There's on OS X with tmux running, pbcopy/pbpaste stop working, as a separate issue.

Regardless of that other breakage, when you're in tmux and echo sad | jist -c it fails with the bad error message:

Error: exception class/object expected
rking commented Jan 21, 2013

That page links to:

Which is more direct.

Actually, I say we go all-out and offer a prompt to brew install reattach-to-user-namespace

I have this feeling like the

set-option -g default-command "reattach-to-user-namespace -l zsh"

Is not the best way to do the second half of that setup, though. For one it
hardcodes zsh where it should say $SHELL, but for two it's not robust if
reattach-to… is unavailable.

I wonder if we should further offer to do the config from within jist itself.

E.g. jist --fix-tmux-on-osx could verify that reattach-to… is installed,
then secondly system 'tmux set-option -g default-command…' and announce that
new windows created will have the fix.

Though that wouldn't fix the current shell, and it wouldn't be possible to
first run: jist --fix-tmux-on-osx then start the tmux server.

I know this is a bit wild, but I don't think the average user should have to
Google for answers to junk like this. If they want the details, it'll be right
there in the jist.rb


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