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A wrapped version of jslint.
You will need to have node-js installed and available in your $PATH as "node"
To install this, download it anywhere and then add a symlink from your $PATH to the jslint
in this directory.
cd ~/src
git clone
cd ~/bin
ln ~/src/jslint-node/jslint
Let me know via if you need more help.
Original README for jslint:
JSLint, The JavaScript Code Quality Tool
Douglas Crockford
fulljslint.js contains the fully commented JSLINT function.
fulljslint.html runs the JSLINT function in a web page. The page also depends
on adsafe.js and json2.js (which are not included in this project) and
intercept.js (which is).
intercept.js scripts the fulljslint.html ui by augmenting ADsafe.
wsh.js is a sample companion script to run fulljslint.js on WSH.
lint.html describes JSLint's usage.