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- the head of this module is package libxml-2 . There is incompatibilities
with the old libxml-1 headers. I posted on gnome-hackers a recipe to
change your code to compile with both, check it out ! Also read
- in the meantime the old 1.x code has been tagged with LIB_XML_1_BRANCH
extract this version and drop me a mail if you want me to take care of
the update of your module to libxml-2 <>
- the 1.x branch has a separate commit policy, please check the HACKING
file for this branch
Rules for commits on the gnome-xml module
If what you are patching is a non-compilation issue either at compile
time or linking time on one of the main Linux platforms, then feel free
to patch first and send mail afterward as long as the change is limited.
Please keep in mind that a large part of my user base is on Windows, so
be careful with potential portability problems there.
Otherwise, send me ( a mail and if it's a bug
issue, register it at (module libxml). I check both
my mail and the bug database on a regular basis. If you don't get an
answer within a week (which is highly unprobable) then commit your changes.
This simply mean that I'm on holliday or on the road.
thanks in advance for following the rule,
P.S.: Bjorn Reese get an exception for the send before commit rule
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