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apply a couple of fixes based on a Coverity report forwarded by Derrick

* catalog.c: apply a couple of fixes based on a Coverity report
  forwarded by Derrick Price.
* VxWorks/README VxWorks/Makefile VxWorks/ instructions
  Makefile, and shell script to build on VxWorks 6.4+ provided by
  Jim Wert.

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commit 63806b5373806c8a0dd9c43bce066a414815b293 1 parent 39801e5
Daniel Veillard authored
8 ChangeLog
@@ -1,3 +1,11 @@
+Tue Jun 10 16:52:17 CEST 2008 Daniel Veillard <>
+ * catalog.c: apply a couple of fixes based on a Coverity report
+ forwarded by Derrick Price.
+ * VxWorks/README VxWorks/Makefile VxWorks/ instructions
+ Makefile, and shell script to build on VxWorks 6.4+ provided by
+ Jim Wert.
Tue Jun 3 18:07:13 CEST 2008 Daniel Veillard <>
* python/ python/ apply patch from Martin fixing
68 VxWorks/Makefile
@@ -0,0 +1,68 @@
+##-- Filename: Makefile
+##-- $Date: 2008/02/23 02:56:17 $
+##-- $Revision: 1.2 $
+##-- $Name: $
+NAME = xml2
+include $(WIND_USR)/tool/gnu/make.$(VXCPU)
+FLAGS = -Wall -g -Isrc -Isrc/include -D_REENTRANT=1
+#FLAGS = -Wall -O2 -Isrc -Isrc/include -D_REENTRANT=1
+ifeq ($(VXTYPE),RTP)
+FLAGS += -mrtp -fpic -I$(WIND_USR)/h -I$(WIND_USR)/h/wrn/coreip
+FLAGS += -D_WRS_KERNEL -I$(WIND_BASE)/target/h -I$(WIND_BASE)/target/h/wrn/coreip
+ifeq ($(VXTYPE),RTP)
+ifeq ($(CPU),SH32)
+LIB_LDFLAGS += -L$(WIND_USR)/lib/sh/SH32/commonle/PIC
+OBJS = c14n.o catalog.o chvalid.o \
+ debugXML.o dict.o DOCBparser.o \
+ encoding.o entities.o error.o \
+ globals.o \
+ hash.o \
+ legacy.o list.o \
+ parser.o parserInternals.o pattern.o \
+ relaxng.o \
+ SAX2.o SAX.o schematron.o \
+ threads.o tree.o \
+ uri.o \
+ valid.o \
+ xinclude.o xlink.o xmlcatalog.o xmlIO.o \
+ xmlmemory.o xmlmodule.o xmlreader.o xmlregexp.o \
+ xmlsave.o xmlschemas.o xmlschemastypes.o xmlstring.o \
+ xmlunicode.o xmlwriter.o xpath.o xpointer.o
+all : lib$(NAME).so
+init :
+ mkdir -p objs
+.PHONY : lib$(NAME).so
+lib$(NAME).so : init $(patsubst %.o, objs/%.o, $(OBJS))
+ $(CC) $(FLAGS) $(LIB_LDFLAGS) -shared -o $@ $(patsubst %.o, objs/%.o, $(OBJS))
+(NAME).out : init $(patsubst %.o, objs/%.o, $(OBJS))
+ $(CC) $(FLAGS) -o $@ $(patsubst %.o, objs/%.o, $(OBJS))
+objs/%.o: src/%.c
+ $(CC) $(FLAGS) -o $@ -c $<
+ rm -fR *.so objs
86 VxWorks/README
@@ -0,0 +1,86 @@
+ libxml2 on VxWorks 6.4+
+Here are my instructions for building on VxWorks.... I am very ashamed of
+how I did this because it is a complete hack, but it works great, so I
+can't complain too much.
+General Information
+1. The only way to build for VxWorks is to cross compile from a windows or
+linux system. We use a RedHat 5.1 workstation system as our build
+2. VxWorks 6.X has two main types of executable, DKMs (dynamic kernel
+modules), and RTPs (real-time processes). Kernel modules are the bread
+and butter of VxWorks, but they look nothing like processes/threads in
+normal UNIX/Windows systems. RTPs are more like processes that have
+memory protection, threads, etc. VxWorks 6.X also introduces some level
+of POSIX conformance to their environment. The POSIX conformance was the
+key for us to be able to port libxml2. We support accessing libxml2 from
+both DKMs and RTPs.
+3. There are 2 compilers for VxWorks, the WindRiver compiler, and a port
+of the GNU toolchain, we have only tested and built with the GNU
+How To Build
+1. Run the configure on your native linux system (this is the cheesy
+hack). Since the VxWorks GNU toolchain is very close in version to the
+one in red hat, it generates a good config.h file. We configured libxml2
+with the following to keep the size down, (but we have done basic testing
+with everything compiled in).
+./configure --with-minimum --with-reader --with-writer --with-regexps
+--with-threads --with-thread-alloc
+2. Rename the libxml2 folder to "src". This step is required for our
+replacement makefile to work.
+3. Run the replacement makefile. I wrote a new makefile that sets all the
+proper vxworks defines and uses the correct compilers. The two defines on
+the make command line are to tell it which VxWorks Target (SH3.2 little
+endian), and the executable type. We have tested this code on PENTIUM2gnu
+and SH32gnule.
+This makefile creates a shared library that runs on VxWorks: (
+make -f Makefile.vxworks clean all VXCPU=SH32gnule VXTYPE=RTP
+This makefile creates a kernel module that runs on VxWorks: (xml2.out)
+make -f Makefile.vxworks clean all VXCPU=SH32gnule VXTYPE=DKM
+Important Notes
+1. There are several ways that this process could be improved, but at the
+end of the day, we make products, not port libraries, so we did a meets
+minimum for our needs.
+2. VxWorks is the devil, give me embedded linux every day.
+3. No matter what I tried, I couldn't get the configure to pick up the
+VxWorks toolchain, and in my investigation, it has something to do with
+automake/autoconf, not any individual package. VxWorks doesn't play by
+the normal rules for building toolchains.
+4. The PIC flag in VxWorks (especially for SH processors) is very
+important, and very troublesome. On linux, you can liberally use the PIC
+flag when compiling and the compiler/linker will ignore it as needed, on
+VxWorks if must always be on for shared libraries, and always be off for
+static libraries and executables.
+5. If anyone wants to work on a better way to do the build of libxml2 for
+VxWorks, I'm happy to help as much as I can, but I'm not looking to
+support it myself.
+Attached Files
+1. To use my Makefile for vxworks, you should enter the vxworks
+environment (/opt/windriver/wrenv.linux -p vxworks-6.4 for me).
+2. Run: libxml2-2.6.32 SH32gnule RTP (where you have
+libxml2-2.6.32.tar.gz and the Makefile in the same directory as the script
+Jim Wert Jr.
85 VxWorks/
@@ -0,0 +1,85 @@
+if [ -z "$2" ]; then
+if [ -z "$3" ]; then
+echo "LIBXML2 Version: ${LIBXML2}"
+echo "LIBXML2 Target CPU: ${TARGETCPU}"
+echo "LIBXML2 Target Type: ${TARGETTYPE}"
+rm -fR src
+tar xvzf ${LIBXML2}.tar.gz
+mv ${LIBXML2} src
+cd src
+./configure --with-minimum --with-reader --with-writer --with-regexps --with-threads --with-thread-alloc
+find . -name '*.in' -exec rm -fR {} +
+find . -name '*.am' -exec rm -fR {} +
+rm -fR *.m4
+rm -fR *.pc
+rm -fR *.pl
+rm -fR *.py
+rm -fR *.spec
+rm -fR .deps
+rm -fR bakefile
+rm -fR ChangeLog
+rm -fR config.guess
+rm -fR config.log
+rm -fR config.status
+rm -fR config.stub
+rm -fR config.sub
+rm -fR configure
+rm -fR Copyright
+rm -fR depcomp
+rm -fR doc
+rm -fR example
+rm -fR install-sh
+rm -fR libxml.3
+rm -fR
+rm -fR Makefile
+rm -fR Makefile.tests
+rm -fR macos
+rm -fR mkinstalldirs
+rm -fR missing
+rm -fR nanoftp.c
+rm -fR nanohttp.c
+rm -fR NEWS
+rm -fR python
+rm -fR README
+rm -fR README.tests
+rm -fR regressions.xml
+rm -fR result
+rm -fR runsuite.c
+rm -fR runtest.c
+rm -fR test
+rm -fR test*.c
+rm -fR TODO*
+rm -fR trio*
+rm -fR vms
+rm -fR win32
+rm -fR xml2*
+rm -fR xmllint.c
+rm -fR xstc
+cd ..
+if [ "${TARGETTYPE}" = "RTP" ]; then
+ cp ../../lib/.
+ cp xml2.out ../../bin/.
+cp -R src/include/libxml ../../include/.
4 catalog.c
@@ -2616,6 +2616,8 @@ xmlCatalogSGMLResolve(xmlCatalogPtr catal, const xmlChar *pubID,
if (sysID != NULL)
ret = xmlCatalogGetSGMLSystem(catal->sgml, sysID);
+ if (ret != NULL)
+ return(ret);
@@ -2912,7 +2914,7 @@ xmlACatalogResolveURI(xmlCatalogPtr catal, const xmlChar *URI) {
sgml = xmlCatalogSGMLResolve(catal, NULL, URI);
if (sgml != NULL)
- sgml = xmlStrdup(sgml);
+ ret = xmlStrdup(sgml);
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