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Bug 571059 – MSVC doesn't work with the bakefile

* bakefile/libxml2.bkl: MSVC 2008 Ex will report that it cannot
  find "config.h", should be fixed with patch
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1 parent 2afca4a commit a53ee44609032c8b327271301da4f63f92522c6b @intronbbs intronbbs committed with veillard Aug 7, 2009
Showing with 2 additions and 2 deletions.
  1. +2 −2 bakefile/libxml2.bkl
@@ -481,10 +481,10 @@
<set var="__subdir">$(value)</set>
<set var="_custom_build_files" append="1">$(XMLBASEDIR)\include\$(CONFIG_SRCNAME)</set>
<set var="_custom_build____include_win32config_h">
-Creating the configuration file ..\$(CONFIG_DSTNAME) from ..\include\win32\$(CONFIG_SRCNAME)
+Creating the configuration file ..\$(CONFIG_DSTNAME) from ..\include\$(CONFIG_SRCNAME)
$(TAB)copy "$(DOLLAR)(InputPath)" ..\$(CONFIG_DSTNAME)

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