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Some syntactic "high fructose corn syrup"s for pry.
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Pry Syntax Hacks adds a few short-hands to help when exploring ruby objects.

The word "hack" is in the name of the gem deliberately — using this will almost certainly bite you in unexpected ways.


Accessing instance variables:

pry (main)>
=> "lollercoaster"

Calling private methods:

pry (main)>!hash_password("foo")
=> "a4721n"

Accessing method objects:

pry (main)> [""].map &User.:find_by_email

Accessing outer Pry bindings:

pry (main)> cd (a =
pry (main)> puts ../a


This will break regular expressions most often:

pry (main)> /

will still get rewritten to:

pry (main)> /..instance_variable_get('@foo').com/

which is probably not what you want.


Licensed under the MIT license. Contributions welcome.

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