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import sys
from collections import defaultdict
from entrypoint import entrywithfile
from wiktionary import is_form_of
def normalise_pos(pos):
if "{{initialism" in pos:
return "{{initialism}}"
if "{{abbreviation" in pos:
return "{{abbreviation}}"
if "{{acronym" in pos:
return "{{acronym}}"
return pos.strip(" 123456")
@entrywithfile('utf8', tsv='r', output='w')
def main(tsv, date, output, progress=False):
Creates the statistics from the tsv wiktionary dump
tsv: The latest tsv file of definitions
output: The destination file for stats
date: The date of the last dump
--progress -p: Display progress?
gloss = defaultdict(lambda: 0)
nongloss = defaultdict(lambda: 0)
pages = defaultdict(set)
for line in tsv:
language, page, section, defn = line.split("\t",3)
if is_form_of(defn):
nongloss[language] += 1
gloss[language] += 1
total += 1
if progress:
if not total % 10000:
print >>sys.stderr, ".",
count,incount = 0,0
rows = []
for language in sorted(pages):
count += 1
if len(pages[language]) >= 10:
incount += 1
rows.append((language, len(pages[language]), nongloss[language] + gloss[language], gloss[language], nongloss[language]))
rowformat = u"""|-
! %s
|| %s || %s || %s || %s"""
table = u"\n".join(rowformat % row for row in rows)
print >>output, u"""
'''Warning:''' This information is inexact. It comes from an XML dump file dated '''%s''', however the dump may not have been accurate at the time. It uses some guesswork to distinguish form-of entries and requests for definitions, this may divide things incorrectly.
Of the '''%s''' languages on Wiktionary, only the '''%s''' with 10 or more entries are shown.
There are approximately '''{{FORMATNUM:%s}}''' definitions in total. <!-- Or how I count them this time anyway... -->
{| class="sortable prettytable"
! Language name || Number of entries || Number of definitions || Gloss definitions || Form-of definitions
""" % (date, count, incount, total)
print >>output, table
print >>output, "|}"
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