Official u413 project in Python - a BBS/Terminal/Pi-themed forum for general purpose use.
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u413 - an open-source BBS/terminal/PI-themed forum
    Copyright (C) 2012 PiMaster

    This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
    it under the terms of the GNU Affero General Public License as published by
    the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
    (at your option) any later version.

    This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
    but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
    GNU Affero General Public License for more details.

    You should have received a copy of the GNU Affero General Public License
    along with this program.  If not, see <>.

	1/0 -- Paradox*
	i -- Imaginary* ?
	-1 -- Negative*
	0 -- All
	1 -- Links
	2 -- Site
	3 -- Programming
	4 -- Anon
	5 -- Video/movies
	6 -- Audio/music
	7 -- Games
	8 -- Literature
	9 -- Math
	10 -- Science/skepticism
	11 -- Foreign
	12 -- Misc
	13 -- Test
	20 -- Brony (20% cooler)*
	33 -- Religion/spiritualism
	37 -- Comic (first xkcd comic with "My hobby")*
	42 -- Life the Universe and Everything*
	69 -- NSFW (special behavior - doesn't show up in board 0)
	117 -- Halo (Master Chief's number)*
	151 -- Anime (151 original pokemon)*
	271 -- E*
	314 -- Pi*
	403 -- Access Denied (possible special behavior - return "Acess denied" for all users)*
	404 -- Error*
	413 -- Mod (special behavior - only visible to mods/admins)
	420 -- Get high*
	511 -- Anonymous (5th of November)*
	628 -- Tau*
	666 -- Hell*
	911 -- Emergency*
	1337 -- 1337*
	9001 -- OVER NINE THOUSAND (meme board)*
	12345 -- Gambling*
	122112 -- End of the World*

-= Easter Egg Commands =-
	DO A BARREL ROLL - do what Google does
	TILT - tilt u413
	^^VV<><>BABA - Matrix (or something else cool)
	3.14 or PI - Pi symbol and song
	PIRATES - We are pirates song
	NYAN - u413 becomes colorful (rainbows) and the nyan cat song plays
	PLAY HIM OFF - Play him off keyboard cat video appears
	TURKEY - Gym Battle Vs Turkey video appears
	NEIN - Hitler NEIN video appears
	FUCK YOU - Auto ban for a day
	RUDE - Prints "NOU"
	BUCKET - Shows a video of Karkat freaking out because buckets
	GOT TIGER - Shows a picture of "Got Tiger" (Homestuck)
	WH4T NOW? - Shows Terezi dancing with "WH4T NOW"
	/B/ - Trololol video
	LAIONI - All posts become horrifically misspelled with tons of typos
	HOMESTUCK - Displays video of [S] Cascade and "[]Homestuck[/url]"
	LET IT SNOW - Makes it snow
	KILL IT WITH FIRE - Make fire burn the page
	BADGERS - MrWeebl's "Badgers"

-= Global Commands =-
	CANCEL - Cancels the current action.
	CLS - Clears the screen.
	HELP [Command] - Displays the help menu.

-= User Commands =-
	ALIAS <Shortcut/DELETE> <Value/Shortcut> - Allows you to specify a terminal shortcut command.
	BOARD <ID/ALL> [Page#/NEWTOPIC] [/TITLE <Title>] [/BODY <Body>] - Displays a list of topics associated with the specified discussion board.
	BOARDS - Displays a list of board categories.
	CHANGEPASSWORD [Password] [Confirm Password] - Update your password.
	LOGOUT - Logs out the current authenticated user.
	MESSAGE <Message ID> [REPLY/DELETE] - Read a message.
	MESSAGES [SENT] - View your messages.
	MUTE <ON/OFF> - Mutes/Unmutes the terminal.
	NEWMESSAGE [/SUBJECT <Subject>] [Username] [/BODY <Body>] - Allows you to send a private message to another user.
	SETTIMEZONE [ID] - Updates your time zone.
	TOPIC <ID> [Page#/REPLY/EDIT/DELETE [Reply ID]] - Displays a topic and its replies.
	USERS - Displays a list of online users.
	INITIALIZE - Prints the introduction to u413 (Only works before login) *

-= Page Shortcut Commands =-
	REFRESH - Reload the current page.
	NEXT - Increase the current page by one.
	PREV - Decrease the current page by one.
	FIRST - Change current page to the first page.
	LAST - Change current page to the last page.

-= Formatting Tags =-
	[b]text[/b] - Bolds the surrounded text.
	[i]text[/i] - Italicizes the surrounded text.
	[u]text[/u] - Underlines the surrounded text.
	[s]text[/s] - Strikes through the surrounded text.
	[img]image url[/img] - Inserts an image.
	[code(=language)]text[/code] - Formats the surrounded text to preserve indentation and highlight syntax (NOTE: Figure out a way to auto-detect languages).
	[quote]text[/quote] - Formats the surrounded text to denote a quote by another user.
	[quote]REPLY ID[/quote] - Quotes the specified reply.
	[url=URL]URL or text[/url] - Formats text to link to the URL or links to the URL. *
	[transmit]text[/transmit] - Formats the text so that clicking it puts it in the prompt. *
	[color=HEX]text[/color] - Formats the text so that it's in color (Note: Only hex values are supported) *
	SHIFT + ENTER - Drop down a line in forum posts.
	[video]link[/video] - Displays a video (video formats, NOT FOR YOUTUBE) (NOTE: figure out a way to make this like
	[youtube]link/id[/video] - Displays a youtube video (NOTE: May be deprecated in the future).
	[audio]link[/audio] - Plays audio (with controls - no autoplay).
	[flash]link[/flash] - Embeds a flash animation/game.
	[js]code[/js] - Embeds javascript in an iframe.
	[css=code]text[/css] - Styles text.
	[spoiler(=label)]text[/spoiler] - Hides text under a label until the user clicks a button.
	[list=start (ex: a A 1, none means unordered)][*]item 1 [*]item 2 [*] item 3 [/list] - Make an ordered or unordered list.
	[table][row][column]stuff[/column][/row][/table] - Build a table.

Requests sent to u413 should be JSON using the following format:

Responses returned by u413 are JSON with the following format:
	ContextText:"BOARD 3",
	EditText:"This is text that goes into the CLI",
	SessionId:"The session ID (usually something like jJJ98s3jd90Jj45ovjsjv6JDc)",
	TerminalTitle:"Terminal - Visitor",

Database organization:

User: u413
	Database: userdata
		Table: users:
			INT id,VARCHAR(32) username,CHAR(32) password,INT access,BOOL banned,VARCHAR(8) cmd,BYTE stage
			id of the user,the username,hashed password,the access level of the user (see below),true if banned,the last used command,the stage of the command the user is in (if applicable)
		Table: banned:
			INT id,DATETIME end
			id of the user,the date when their ban is over
	Database: content
		Table: boards
			INT id,VARCHAR(32) name,BOOL onall,BOOL hidden
			id of the board,the name of the board,true if it's on board all,true if it isn't shown with BOARDS
		Table: topics
			INT id,VARCHAR(128) title,INT board,INT owner,BOOL locked,TEXT post,BOOL edited,INT editor,DATETIME whenedit,DATETIME posted
			id of the topic,topic title,id of the board,id of the owner,true if no more posts can be made,the text of the original post,true if the topic has been edited,id of the editor of the topic (if applicable),the date the topic was edited (if applicable),the date the topic was posted
		Table: posts
			INT id,INT topic,INT owner,INT offset,BOOL anon,TEXT post,BOOL edited,INT editor,DATETIME whenedit,DATETIME posted
			id of the post,id of the topic,the offset from the first post (original post=0),true if this post is on the anon board,the content of the post,true if this post has been edited,id of the editor of this post (if applicable),the date the post was edited (if applicable),the date this post was made
		Table: anons
			INT id,INT offset,VARCHAR(4) name
			id of the anonymous post,up to 4 letter anonymous name (like AAB or OP),the id of the real user

Access Levels:
	-1 - banned
	0 - guest
	10 - normal user
	20 - mod
	30 - admin

Usernames to be reserved: