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Invest-y-gative: Reinventing The Online News Economy

The dApp produced for this hackathon is a Proof-of-Concept core component of the Invest-y-gative project. It is the submissions layer (the submission box) and utilizes the Ethereum blockchain and IPFS to advance:

  • source/journalist protection;
  • source material verification (notarization) for documents, video, audio, etc.;
  • censorship resistance; and
  • the methodology of scientific journalism which publishes primary (and all) source material used to publish the investigative report.

This submission box uses IPFS as a peer-to-peer hosting platform. It utilizes the IPFS hash of files as Proof-of-Existence and stores the proofs on the Ethereum blockchain. Additionally, this notary returns a transaction receipt certifying that the IPFS hash was registered on the blockchain.

Please note that this is an Proof-of-Concept and I am still building out specifications and squashing bugs.

Below are instructions for spinning up a local instance.

Getting Started

The environment for this implementation relies upon:

  • Linux (Debian Stretch)
  • Truffle v5.0.26
  • Ganache GUI v2.0.2
  • NPM 6.10.0
  • Infura gateway API
  • IPFS


* ipfs-http-client: 29.0.1
* openzeppelin-solidity: 2.1.2
* react: 16.6.3
* react-dom: 16.6.3
* react-scripts: 2.1.3
* web3: 1.0.0-beta.37

How to install:

$ tar xvfz go-ipfs.tar.gz (make sure the filename is correct) $ cd go-ipfs $ ./, then to initialize run ipfs init.

To spin this implementation up on your own machine, follow these steps:

  • clone this repository: git clone ;
  • cd into the root directory ‘Invest-y-gative’: cd Invest-y-gative;
  • then cd into the directory titled 'client': cd client;
  • once inside the client directory, to install dApp packages, run: npm install
  • run Ganache GUI (click the AppImage file);
  • use the mnemonic code that Ganache provides to open MetaMask. Place the mnemonic in MetaMask’s option to ‘Import using account seed phrase’, and initialize your account.
  • in another terminal, also in the root directory, run $ truffle develop;
  • in another terminal, cd to ‘Invest-y-gative/client’, run $ npm run start;

This last step will initialize a local implementation of this project and load in your browser at: http://localhost:3000/ . You will be able to upload a file from your local disk to IPFS and have the file’s hash returned in your browser.


Chris Spannos - ConsenSys Beyond Blockchain Hackathon 2019 - Breaking News: Reinventing The Online News Economy

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