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Ethereum-Zcash Integration effort
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Project Alchemy

An effort to bring together the Zcash and Ethereum blockchains


A BTC Relay-inspired Zcash SPV client on the EVM

The Zcash PoW consists of two components which must be implemented in the EVM. BLAKE2b, a cryptographic hash function, is used in the Equihash Proof-of-Work system.

There is a Solidity implementation of BLAKE2b and Equihash in this repo, and an EIP for a BLAKE2b precompiled contract for efficiency.


Install Dapple (version >= 0.8)

npm install -g dapple

Run tests

dapple test

Note: requires dapple >= v0.8 and Solc >= 0.4.2 you may have to build from source.




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