Mythril Classic: Security analysis tool for Ethereum smart contracts
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Mythril Classic

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Mythril Classic is an open-source security analysis tool for Ethereum smart contracts. It uses symbolic analysis, taint analysis and control flow checking to detect a variety of security vulnerabilities.

If you a smart contract developer who wants convenience and comprehensive results, you should be using MythX, our next-gen smart contract security API that integrates with Truffle Framework and other development environments.

Whether you want to contribute, need support, or want to learn what we have cooking for the future, our Discord server will serve your needs.

Installation and setup

Get it with Docker:

$ docker pull mythril/myth

Install from Pypi:

$ pip3 install mythril

See the Wiki for more detailed instructions.


Instructions for using Mythril Classic are found on the Wiki.

For support or general discussions please join the Mythril community on Discord.

Bulding the Documentation

Mythril Classic's documentation is contained in the docs folder. It is based on Sphinx and can be built using the Makefile contained in the subdirectory:

cd docs
make html

This will create a build output directory containing the HTML output. Alternatively, PDF documentation can be built with make latexpdf. The available output format options can be seen with make help.

Vulnerability Remediation

Visit the Smart Contract Vulnerability Classification Registry to find detailed information and remediation guidance for the vulnerabilities reported.