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COVID-2019 data / code
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The primary purpose of this project is to provide useful data about cases, deaths and recovery of COVID19 in Canada and merge that with information such as population, ICU capacity and so forth.

Creative Commons License
Data is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Software licenced under Apache, Licence 2.0

Copyright (2020) Consensas, Inc.

Data Visualizations

(Google Sheets + Charts + Consensas Data) are now available here

Daily Assessments

Sign up for our daily assessments, which provide analysis on the Canadian COVID-19 health data we're producing. here


Code is a demonstration of Pipe Oriented Programming in NodeJS.

Think of it as a hyper-compatible set of libraries for working with data and the world. Look at the code in data/datasets for getting a sense of what it does.

Consensas is our startup, credit to them / us for taking time away from that to work on this. Our goal during the pandemic is to create a public, normalized, semantically well-defined dataset. Our concern is a lack of data, loss of data

Generally we name data as follows:

  • bootstrap data is usually data loaded eg from Wayback machine, to set up a dataset
  • raw data is usually YAML/JSON pulled or built from another source, but otherwise nothing else has been done to it
  • cooked data has been normalized to the data schema describe below. This is usually what you want to look at.
  • pull programs get raw data from elsewhere
  • cook programs merge or process data to create cooked data

Data Organization

The primary "cooked" data can be found in folder data/cooked here on the web. There is cooked data elsewhere but unless noted, it's been merged into this data set. The files we have spent the most work on are ca-??.yaml.

  • If you would like to contribute data, do the usual fork and submit a change request.
  • If you know of a dataset we should add, open an issue.
  • If you think we should add something but can't find it, sorry busy.
  • The primary purpose of this project is Canada, but there's data for the rest of the world there too. If you do the coding legwork, We're happy to add it but we don't have the time otherwise.

Data Sources


This is the primary source of data and should get primary credit. We will pull it daily.

COVID-19 Canada Open Data Working Group

COVID-19 Canada Open Data Working Group. Epidemiological Data from the COVID-19 Outbreak in Canada.

We've got the their data set, but have not merged into the cooked data yet. You can find this in data/ca.cases

See their original data at



  • doctors_pp - doctors per person

ICU capacity

Note that this data does break out the Territories, so that data is not merged yet.


  • icu_hospitals - Hospitals with ICUs with ventilation capacity
  • icu_beds - ICU beds capable of invasive ventilation
  • icu_ventalators - Ventilators capable of invasive ventilation
  • icu_hfov - High-frequency oscillatory ventilators
  • icu_hospitals_ino - Hospitals with ICUs with iNO
  • icu_hospitals_ecmo - Hospitals with ICUs with ECMO



  • spending_pp - spending per person

Age Brackets and Population

From Stats Can 2019 dataset


  • population: the population
  • age_median: median age
  • age_XX_YY: population aged XX to YY
  • age_XX_up: population aged XX and up


This is retrieved by scraping, and may be spotty. These provinces are in the data set:

  • ON
  • BC
  • AB
  • SK
  • MB
  • NS
  • PE (starts 2020-03-17)
  • NB
  • QC
  • tests: the number of tests performed / underway
  • tests_negative
  • tests_positive
  • tests_resolved: patient is no longer infectious
  • tests_ordered

Timeline of events

Data by Consenas

  • event_close_bars: bars have been ordered to shut down

  • event_close_restaurants: restaurants have been ordered to shutdown (excluding restuarants)

  • event_close_takeout: takeout services have been ordered to shutdown

  • event_close_school_public: public shcools have been ordered to shutdown

  • event_close_school_private: private schools have been ordered to shutdown

  • event_close_postsecondary: postsecondary have been ordered to shutdown

  • event_close_daycare: daycares have been ordered to shutdown

  • event_close_stores: stores have been ordered to shutdown

  • event_close_faith: faith servies have been ordered to shutdown

  • event_close_libraries: libraries have been ordered to shutdown

  • event_ban_groups_1000: groups bigger than 1000 should not meet

  • event_ban_groups_500: groups bigger than 500 should not meet

  • event_ban_groups_250: groups bigger than 250 should not meet

  • event_ban_groups_150: groups bigger than 150 should not meet

  • event_ban_groups_100: groups bigger than 100 should not meet

  • event_ban_groups_50: groups bigger than 50 should not meet

  • event_emergency: state of emergency / public health emergency declared

  • event_shutdown: general shutdown of everything (eg Italy level)


This dataset we created using lots of Google Searching

  • poli_leader: eg the premier
  • poli_leader_health: eg the minister of health
  • poli_officer_cmo: chief medical officer
  • poli_covid_url: address of provincial COVID19 website

Geographical Naming



This is as close to "from some Internet rando" as it gets. We hope to replace with StatsCan data soon.


  • population


Similar project for Ontario data:

Kaggle challange

Article on open data sources

Our World in Data: Data Set

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