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Adonis (adonisjs) high level web sockets. Implements the websocket protocol specified by adonisjs.
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A high level adonisjs websockets implementation for dart, flutter and web.

Getting Started

/// For HTML:
/// import 'package:adonis_websok/html.dart';
/// For IO (Flutter, Dart, etc.)
import 'package:adonis_websok/io.dart';

void main() async {
  // Create a websocket connection and attach a JWT to it.
  // For HTML: IOAdonisWebsok -> HTMLAdonisWebsok
  final socket = IOAdonisWebsok(host: '', port: 3333)
  // Connect to the socket and await for response from the adonis server.
  await socket.connect();
  // Subscribe to the 'disponible' topic.
  final disponible = await socket.subscribe('disponible');
  // Set a callback to execute when a new event comes by.
  disponible.on('canvi', (data) => print('canvi: ${data.toString()}'));
  // To stop the listener, just perform'canvi')
  // Emit send a new message to the server, with additional data if needed.
  disponible.emit('canvi'); // Accepts a data argument as the 2nd parameter.
  // Close the subscription (unsubscribe from the given topic).
  final closed = await disponible.close(); // Unsubscribe.
  // CLoses the socket connection.
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