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Requirements include rabbitmq and postgres on a standard Ubuntu 14.04+ host. Setup requirements are documented by way of a docker compose description at container-admin. Treat this as a set of guidelines for what services are required, but do not adhere to the rather lax security setup religiously.

The administrator of the system is responsible for running and maintaining the following three programs:

  • web service: serves up content for the CLI does scheduling
  • co-ordinator: splits up orders and processes worker heartbeats
  • container provisioner: creates VM and configures them with workflows and containers to run workflows

All three implicitly require RabbitMQ and postgres. The username and passwords should be set and match the configuration files described below.

Web Service

  1. Get the webservice jar from our artifactory

  2. Fill in the config file

  3. Invoke the following

     java -jar consonance-webservice-*.jar server ~/.stash/run-fox.yml

Co-ordinator and Provisoner

  1. Get the arch jar from our artifactory

  2. Fill in the Consonance config file at ~/.consonance/config

  3. Fill in the Youxia config file at ~/.youxia/config

  4. Invoke the following two commands

     java -cp consonance-arch-*.jar io.consonance.arch.coordinator.Coordinator --config ~/.consonance/config --endless
     java -cp consonance-arch-*.jar io.consonance.arch.containerProvisior.ContainerProvisionerThreads --config ~/.consonance/config --endless
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