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This one-day course is an introduction to OpenID Connect Relying Party development and implementation.

The second part of the programme includes a more practical look at relevant tools and libraries (in Python, Java and/or PHP).

Who is it for?: Developers of resources for web and mobile will especially benefit from this course.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand the principles of OIDC and OAuth2
  • How to choose the OIDC most appropriate authentication flow for each use case
  • Know how to move in the official documentation
  • Implement an OIDC Resource Provider both with software libraries and with HTTP server modules

Trainers: Andrea Biancini, Davide Vaghetti

This training has been organized in collaboration with the AARC2 project.

Assignment instructions

Download this repository. Choose one of the following assignments and follow the linked instructions:

  1. Implement a OAuth2 client: instructions
  2. Implement a Relying Party in Python: instructions
  3. Implement a Relying Party in Java: instructions
  4. Implement a Relying Party in PHP: instructions
  5. Implement a Relying Party in C#: instructions

All OpenID Connect specifications can be found at


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  • C# 53.8%
  • PHP 23.6%
  • Java 8.9%
  • HTML 6.8%
  • Python 6.4%
  • Ruby 0.5%