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Ontop-spatial is an extension of Ontop framework with geospatial support. Ontop is a framework for ontology based data access (OBDA). It supports SPARQL over virtual RDF graphs defined through mappings to RDBMS. Ontop-spatial extends ontop with the following geospatial capabilities:

  • Geospatial virtual RDF graphs can be created on top of geospatial databases (i.e., PostgreSQL with PostGIS extension enabled).
  • Geometry columns in geospatial databases can be mapped to GeoSPARQL WKT literals using R2RML or OBDA mappings
  • Geospatial topology functions as defined in GeoSPARQL can be used in the filter clause of (Geo)SPARQL queries.

Check also issues.txt for known issues and todo.txt for future enchancements

Licensing terms

The -ontop- framework is available under the Apache License, Version 2.0

All documentation is licensed under the Creative Commons (attribute) license.

Compiling, packing, testing, etc.

The project is a Maven project. Compiling, running the unit tests, building the release binaries all can be done using maven. To make it more practical we created several .sh scripts that you can run on any unix environment that has maven installed. The scripts are located in the folder 'scripts', look at that folder for more information.

Currently we use Maven 3 and Java 7 to build the project.


official website and documentations:

Google Group:!forum/ontop4obda

Source Code:

Issue Tracker:




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