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:books: About this wiki

The articles found here motivate Constellation by explaining how our approach to decentralization and decentralized applications differs from others in the dApps space. The pages you find on the sidebar on the right cover the following topics:

Table of contents

  • Constellation Glossary - Explanations of terms and keywords as they apply to our project.
  • Roadmap - Product and company goals in the coming year.
  • Discussion and comparison against other projects - If you're familiar with blockchain protocols and other DAG projects in the crypto-currency space, then this page will ease understanding of many notions commonly used in the Constellation project.
  • Recommended reading - A list of papers and books explaining our fundamentals.
  • FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions extending on the explanations in the glossary.
  • Code contribution guidelines - Some notes on our open source development process.

Wait, there's more ...

To understand how we realize this vision in the Scala reference implementation codebase, be sure to check out the docs:

Moreover, for a resource list and tools to develop on the platform, check out the resource list repository

A gentle extension to the ideas presented on this front page is provided in the business whitepaper. Note that this paper also contains some more technical talking point. A peek into the early conceptualization that guided the project can found in the initial technical whitepaper:

Here, note that since its publication, the current code base has seen extensive re-conceptualization of the data structures.

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