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A program to export and compress JPG images from a PSD file.
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Image Exporter

A program to export and compress JPG images from a PSD file.


Requires Python 3.6+

Install the dependency packages (psd-tools, numpy, scipy), tqdm and requests

    cd image_export/
    pip install -r requirements.txt


The program relies on imageOptim to compress the images, an account key is required.

When initially running the program, a will be created and require an input for the account key

How To


After running python, input the values relating to the prompts

    File path: C:\\Folder\\
    PSD name: Example.psd
    Naming convention: Image

The images will output to an images/ directory.

For Emails keep the Naming convention blank, the images will automatically save out as Desktop_01, Desktop_02, Mobile_01 etc

The output will look similar to the below


The 850 and 1280 relate to the artboards width.

PSD requirements

  • The PSDs require an artboard.
  • A group called image is required and all layers should be nested with in it
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