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Welcome to the Node Noodle wiki!

Please bear with us as we update this wiki.

Grab the binary, or compile using ./

Drop the binary wherever your the "-cli" binary lives.

You MUST MUST MUST have your coin.conf file setup so that the "-cli" program works, or you've started your coin with the correct rpc arguments for it work.

Here's a Zcoin example:

It should look like the image above (except for the supported coin).


Node Noodle was created to assist in monitoring masternodes (as well as stakecoins). Specifically, to allow keeping track of block time drift to avoid your Masternode (or Znode) from getting the dreaded RESTART_REQUIRED error. Node Noodle can send you an alert before this happens!

Node Noodle also plays well with Monit, specifically with shutting down the coin daemon, and waiting for monit to bring it back up. It can also work without Monit, but it's not as robust.

We've added initial support for checking of Insight servers to report network drifts. This feature is still experimental and may or may not work properly. Please report any issues via the Issue tracker above.

Please report any errors!

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