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A Retro Terminal Web Browser
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Retro Terminal Web Browser

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How to Run

  1. Download Awesomium from here:
  2. Unzip
  3. Open "/awesomium_v1.6.5_sdk_linux32/build/bin/release"
  4. Copy contents into "/usr/lib" - if you don't have permissions (which you probably won't) use sudo cp instead.
  5. Download the latest Retro Terminal Web Browser from the downloads section
  6. Open and terminal and then use "./RetroTerminalWebBrowser 800 640 50 50" to run (With out the quotes)
  7. Paramaters: URL browserWidth browserHeight consoleWidth consoleHeight


  • Using a smaller font size, it decreases the pixel size.
  • Ensure that the console width/height is less than browser height/width
  • Ensure that your console is big enough - the consoles character width height need to be less or equal to the specified console width/height or funky stuff may happen...

How to Compile - Coming Soon...

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