getImageId do no need to invoke the real openstack API #881

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whaon commented Nov 7, 2016 edited
	public String getImageId() {
		Image image = getImage();
		return (image != null) ? image.getId() : null;
	public Image getImage() {
		if (image instanceof LinkedHashMap) {
			LinkedHashMap map = (LinkedHashMap) image;
			String imageId = (String) map.get("id");
			if (imageId == null || imageId.isEmpty()) {
				return null;
			NovaImage novaImage = (NovaImage) Apis.getComputeServices().images().get(imageId);
			return novaImage;
		return null;

when I invoke the method getImageId(),os4j will always invoke the real openstack API,and it will cause a long time,so we can make it as the below:

       public String getImageId() {
		if(image instanceof Map) {
			Map<String, String> map = (Map<String, String>) image;
			return map.get("id");
		return getImage().getId();

when we definitely need a Image Object,then we can invoke the getImage() method,or we have another choice:use the id to invoke the other service

@auhlig auhlig added the enhancement label Nov 7, 2016
auhlig commented Nov 8, 2016

Hey @whaon,
You're talking of the getImageId()-method in NovaServer ,right?

How do we get the image id without getting the image object first? Maybe it gets clearer in the PR. Please add a test.

whaon commented Nov 8, 2016

Hey @auhlig ,
sorry for not making it clear.
I'm talking of the getImageId()-method in NovaServer.
the field of NovaServer is like below:

public Object image;

and the response data of API /servers/detail is like:

"image": {
                "id": "70a599e0-31e7-49b7-b260-868f441e862b",
                "links": [
                        "href": "",
                        "rel": "bookmark"

consider the current method getImage(),the field image is treated as a LinkedHashMap,and can get the id from the map

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