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ContainerOrchestration Lab Setup

This document describes what you need to do to follow these labs (Updated for PyConUS 2017, Portland, May 2017).

Once you're ready to come to the tutorial - meaning that either

  • you decided what environment/mix of environments you'll use
  • you don't know (no problem, we can advise)

to run different parts of the lab, please respond to the following anonymous survey.

This will help us to help you during the lab, to know what are your expectations, your experience and what environment you choose to use or if you don't know what to choose.


For this lab you will need a laptop either with specific software installed as described below or to browse to online cloud services.

  • Minimum: Laptop with browser

Note that all labs can be performed online (but may require paid or free trial access) but you may wish to download software to run locally on your laptop.

Running labs online

Links to online platforms are provided BELOW with indications if fee or paid (with link to free trial).

Running labs online

It is recommended that you download any software artifacts in advance to avoid installing over the conference network. Links to software to install, where you choose to do so, are provided below.

We will bring most needed software for the labs, for Linux, MacOS, Windows, on USB key just in case.

Whilst the list of software is long, if you decide to install locally you will only need a subset of the software for your OS, and chosen solution.

Choosing your environment by Lab:

There are 3 lab sections for Docker Swarm, Kubernetes and Apache Mesos and you may choose different solutions for each section, dependant upon

  • What OS (Linux, MacOS, Windows prior to 10, Windows 10) you are running on your laptop
  • Disk space available
  • Existing cloud services you may be signed up to (e.g. Google Cloud, Micosoft Azure, Digital Ocean, AWS EC2) or wish to take a trial subscription
  • Whether you want to keep the results on your laptop
Lab To run Online To run locally
on your laptop
Docker Swarm play-with-docker
  • Linux: Use either
    • your distribution "docker" (>= docker-13.1)
    • docker binaries
  • MacOS: Use Docker for Mac
  • Windows before 10: Use Docker Toolkbox
  • Windows 10: Use Docker for Windows
For all platforms: docker-machine
Kubernetes Google Cloud Minikube, kubectl
Apache Mesos play-with-docker
(needs testing)
As for Docker
(TO SPECIFY: docker images to pull)

Software for all Labs:

SoftwareDownload URL Download page
Anaconda Python3
(about 420 MBy)
'Docker' Python module
(version 2.2.1)
pip install docker
'python-docker-machine' Python module
'Kubernetes' Python module
(version 2.0)
pip install kubernetes

Software for Docker Lab:

SoftwareDownload URL Download page
(Linux) (Linux) curl -sSL | sh
(Linux) binaries
Docker for Mac
(about 110Mb)
Docker Toolbox for Mac
(about 200Mb)
Docker for Windows (10)
(about 110Mb)
Docker Toolbox for Windows (<10)
(about 200Mb)
(about 24 MBy)

Software for Kubernetes Lab:

SoftwareDownload URL Download page
(about 80 MBy)
(about 70 MBy)
(about 80 MBy)
VirtualBox for macOS
(about 90 MBy)
VirtualBox for Windows
(about 120 MBy)
GCloud SDK

Software for Apache Mesos Lab:

SoftwareDownload URL Download page
Apache Mesos TO SPECIFY: docker images

Online platforms

Platform Free or Paid Free trial link
Free N/A
Digital Ocean Paid
Google Cloud Paid Google Cloud Platform with a $300 free credit for 12 months
Best to install Google Cloud SDK
Microsoft Azure Paid You receive 170 € of Azure credits with the Free Trial.
(difficulties with docker-machine)
Paid 12 months free,