Convert Helm charts into Kustomize compatible package
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Helm convert plugin

Charts are curated application definitions for Helm, this plugin let you convert existing charts into Kustomize compatible package.

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Helm plugin

$ helm plugin install

Binary without Helm

If you don't have Helm installed, you can just download the binary from the release page.


See helm convert --help for usage. Example:

# convert the stable/mongodb chart into Kustomize compatible package
helm convert --destination mongodb --name mongodb stable/mongodb

# convert chart from a url
helm convert

# convert the stable/mongodb chart with a given values.yaml file
helm convert -f values.yaml stable/mongodb

# convert the stable/mongodb chart and override values using --set flag:
helm convert --set persistence.enabled=true stable/mongodb


You can also execute Helm convert from Docker:

$ docker run -ti containersol/helm-convert convert --help


# clone the repo
$ git clone

# add a symlink in the Helm plugin directory targeting the repository
$ ln -s $PWD ~/.helm/plugins/helm-convert

# build the binary
$ make build

# run
$ helm convert --help

# run lint, vet and tests
$ make test-all


The conversion is currently quite basic and has the following features:

  • get image tags and store them in kustomization.yaml
  • get common labels and store them in kustomization.yaml
  • get resources and store them in kustomization.yaml
  • remove helm specific labels from manifests
  • remove helm specific annotations from manifests
  • get namespace and store it in kustomization.yaml
  • create secretGenerator based on secret resources (type Opaque and TLS)
  • create secretGenerator based on secret type TLS
  • create configGenerator from multiline files