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Kubernetes Examples

A reference repository of YAML with canonical and as-simple-as-possible demonstrations of kubernetes functionality and features.

See here for a searchable front-end:

Kubernetes Examples


At Container Solutions we find we regularly need chunks of YAML to demonstrate something specific, such as:

  • A simple deployment

  • A simple pod

  • A pod with a volume

This might be to do a basic test of an environment, find an example to tinker with, or send to someone to get them going.


The examples can be used by a kubectl plugin examples. This plugin can be installed by krew:

  • first install krew
  • Install a custom plugin index: kubectl krew index add cs
  • Install this plugin: kubectl krew install cs/examples

Interactively discover by first selecting the resource type:

$ kubectl examples

filter by resource type

$ kubectl examples Service

filter by resource type and pattern

$ kubectl examples Pod res

If there is only a single match selected by the parameters, it is printed to the stdout. So you can deploy a modified version of a sample by:

$ export KUBE_EDITOR='code -w'
$ kubectl examples Ingress fanout | kubectl create -f - --edit


broken-* - yamls that exemplify broken kubernetes yaml states

[A-Z][a-zA-Z]* - Example yamls that correspond to resource types.

test - Scripts to test or validate the YAML

Within those folders are either simple/canonical examples, or examples in subfolders that expose particular items of functionality that are highlighted by their yaml path, eg Pod/spec.initContainers/.

If an example is an exemplar of a particular feature but tightly related to another resource, then an absolute folder might be added eg in Service there is Service/Pod.spec.subdomain.

Symlinks are also used to make finding things easier, eg Service/headless-service -> Service/spec.clusterIP.

plugins - a directory following the spec for a Custom krew plugin index


The examples seek to be:

  • As simple as possible to illustrate the functionality

  • Self-contained (ie limited to one .yaml file)

  • Non-conflicting (eg resource names are unique)

  • Clear (eg resource names are verbose and unambiguous)

Release Process

See here

Sources / Thanks To

Official Kubernetes docs

Kubernetes by Example

Practical Kubernetes

Security Examples