Image Management for Kubernetes Clusters
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Image Management for Kubernetes

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We're building an image management solution for Kubernetes (and possibly other orchestrators). At its heart is the Trow Registry, which runs inside the cluster, is simple to set-up and fully integrated with Kubernetes, including support for auditing and RBAC.

Why "Trow"

"Trow" is a word with multiple, divergent meanings. In Shetland folklore a trow is a small, mischievous creature, similar to the Scandanavian troll. In England, it is a old style of cargo boat that transported goods on rivers. Finally, it is an archaic word meaning "to think, believe, or trust". The reader is free to choose which interpretation they like most, but it should be pronounced to rhyme with "brow".


See Note that it's currently very alpha software.

Use Cases

The primary goal for Trow is to create a registry that runs within Kubernetes and provides a secure and fast way to get containers running on the cluster.

We hope to make it possible for Kubernetes operators to verify and control the images that are run on their clusters. Proposed features include:

  • allowing operations such as approve/deny lists for images and external registries
  • auditing and authentication of image access
  • distributed architecture for HA and scalability


  • The project currently runs on Rust Nightly.