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bRss is an rss feed parser based off of the jFeed plugin.


url: the url to the rss feed
wrapper: true/false
wrappername: if wrapper is set to true, add a name to the div that wraps around your feed items here
date: true/false
dateformat: if date is set to true, the dateformat can be set to one of these options

  • "fullmonths" - i.e. January 15 2015
  • "shortdate" - i.e. 1/15/15
image: true/false
category: true/false
catheader: if category is set to true, add the text you want to display before the cat name here
author: true/false
authorheader: if author is set to true, add the text you want to display before the author name here
description: true/false - displays the post excerpt
count: enter the number of feed items you want to display here
style: depending on the number of feed items, there are numerous inline style options:
  • "grid" - default style for three feed items
  • "zrss" - legacy style option for clients previously using the zrssFeed plugin
  • "grid4" - displays four items in one row
  • "grid4box" - displays two items in one row
  • "grid5" - displays three items in one row, two in a second row
  • "grid6" - displays thee items in one row, and three in a second row

Setting Everything Up

First include jQuery, then the bRss script.

<script src=""></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="dist/bRss.min.js"></script>

Add this script to define the plugin options. Options that are not included will automatically default to false. This example calls 3 items from's blog feed.

<script type="text/javascript">
	jQuery(function() {
		    		   url: '',
		           wrapper: true,
		       wrappername: 'brss',
		        dateformat: 'fullmonths',
		             image: true,
		              date: true,
		          category: true,
		         catheader: 'Posted in: ',
		            author: true,
		      authorheader: 'By: ',
		       description: true,
		             style: 'grid',
		             count: '3'

Last, add the below code to call the feed items wherever you want them to display on the page:

<div id="result"></div>