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Workshop resources for one dayworkshop at SciDataCon New Delhi on 2 Nov 2014

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ContentMine workshop at SciDataCon

09:00 – 16:00, 2 November 2014

[Registration] (

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[Pre-workshop Installation Instructions] (


Times Session
09:00 [Introductions] (
09:20 What is content mining
  • An introduction to content mining - what content can be mined and from where?
09:35 [Paper markup exercise] (
  • Learn about entities and categorisation, precision and recall through a hands-on exercise which will also get everyone talking to each other.
10:00 Scraping the literature
  • Learn about scraping journal articles from the web with a demo of quickscrape.
10:30 Mining the literature
11:00 [Legal implications of content mining] (
  • Covering the copyright and database rights that impact on contact mining activities, including statutory and case law.
11:35 [Blue-sky session] (
  • We want to know - if you could ask a question of the whole of the scientific literature, what would it be? During this session we will collate ideas for projects using content mining and talk more about how the techniques could assist you in your research.
11:50 Conclusion
  • This session will wrap up the workshop and suggest ways in which you can find help and support with content mining projects.
13:00 Hack session
  • This is an optional session for those who want to continue exploring the technologies with assistance from each other and the organisers.
15:30 Hack session presentations
16:00 Event close


The primary means of communication and taking notes during the workshop will be via this [Etherpad] (

If you're not familiar with Etherpads, it's easy - you just type! Your writing will show up in a different colour to other people's and you can associate the colour with your name by clicking the person icon in the top right corner of the screen.


Workshop resources for half-day workshop at SciDataCon New Delhi on 2 Nov 2014




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