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# home
cd workspace/cm-ucl
# make the *.svg.html
norma --project mytest --fileFilter ^.*tables/table(\\d+)/table(_\\d+)?\\.svg --outputDir mytest --transform svgtable2html
# make the *.svg.csv
norma --project mytest --fileFilter ^.*tables/table(\\d+)/table(_\\d+)?\\.svg --outputDir mytest --output table.svg.csv --transform svgtable2csv
# make the png-svg comparison
norma --project mytest --fileFilter ^.*tables/table\\d+$ --output ./tableRow.html --htmlDisplay ^.*/table.png ^.*/table.svg.html
# create Ctree-level menu of all tables
norma --project mytest --output tables/tableView.html --htmlAggregate ^.*tables/table\\d+/tableRow.html
# create project-level menu of all Ctrees
norma --project mytest --output tableViewList.html --projectMenu .*/tables/tableView.html