Dictionaries for use with `ami` , including some management software
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Dictionaries are lists of terms, with ancillary information such as descriptions, provenance and , importantly, links to other terminological resources, especially Wikidata. They are central to the use of ContentMine tools sucha as AMI.


Dictionaries for use with ami as well as with canary. Provided as xml files and now also JSON.

To contribute simply fork and make a pull request with a new dictionary. Ideally include some external identifier (particularly Wikidata) for each term if possible. For inspiration see this: blog post. By Chris Kittel about making a dictionary for species from Wikidata.

Either XML or JSON is fine.

Looks something like:

<dictionary title="baz">
<entry term="foo" name="bar" id="1234" wikidataId="Q1234" />

id and wikidataId are not required

A rough description of the contents is as follows

  • cochrane - short list of terms that may be of interest to or about Cochrane
  • disease - list of diseases, origin currently unknown perhaps wikidata
  • epidemic - very short list relating to epidemics
  • funders - list of funders provided by CrossRef
  • hgnc - list of human genes perhaps from NIH?
  • inn - list of generic drug names from ChEBI
  • jax - list of mouse genes ~ synbio - list of synthetic biology terms, handwritten
  • taxdumpGenus - list of taxonomic genus, source unknown
  • tropicalVirus - list of tropical viruses, handwritten