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Repl. Algor. Tree Score Best Score Time Rearrangs.
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40 TBR 39 of 40 ------ 7834 24:00:00 336,124,385,824
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Total rearrangements examined: 336,124,385,824.
Best score hit 1 times out of 40 (some replications overflowed).
Best score (TBR): 7834. 1 trees retained.
Taxon names is ON
Tree file: tntalltrees.tre
1 trees saved to tntalltrees.tre
Closing tntalltrees.tre (with 1 trees saved)
Note: for consensus calculation, trees will be
temporarily collapsed (when min. branch length = 0)
Strict consensus of 1 trees (0 taxa excluded) calculated, as tree 1
Tree file: tntstrict.tre
1 trees saved to tntstrict.tre
Closing tntstrict.tre (with 1 trees saved)
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