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ContentMine training material

This repository contains material helping you to learn Content Mining yourself and for training others to do so. It includes tutorials for working with the ContentMine toolchain on your own PC or to use webservices offered by ContentMine.

Table of Content

  1. Purpose of this repository
  2. For whom is this repository
  3. Description of content
  4. Contribute
  5. Licence

Purpose of this repository

  • This repository helps facilitators and organizers work out a strong and working schedule, with a fitting use case aligned with narratives around it.
  • The goal of the workshop design must always be to identify and fulfill the requirements and expectations of the audience/participants.

For whom is this repository?

  • Learners: A large part of this repository is devoted to software tutorials, which can be used in the workshops but also for self-guided learning.
  • Organizers and Facilitators: Ensures a working framework of a workshop and develop the content.

Description of content

There are three main sections in this repository:

  • software tutorials: The basic usage of ContentMine tools can be learned step-by-step with the help of the tutorials. It includes installation and describes functionalities, what results to expect, and how to link the different elements of the content mining pipeline. The tutorials can be used in workshops as well as for self-guided learning.

  • training guidelines: This folder contains organizer and facilitator resources for the organisation of a ContentMine workshop. It describes the workflow of facilitators and organizers on which steps to perform when, and which dependencies exist. A checklist helps facilitators and organizers prepare their sessions. Additionally it contains a description of the teaching methods used in a workshop as well as links to helpful external teaching resources.

  • training modules: This folder contains learning modules which can be combined as needed by workshop facilitators. Each module contains a description of learning goals, links to additional resources like slides or software tutorials, and a description of course of action.


There are many ways to contribute, please have a closer look here.

You can find us online at:

If you have questions or suggestions on specific parts of the training material, you can also contact us directly via mail (mail ett stefankasberger dot at, web ett christopherkittel dot eu).


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.


This repository contains material helping you to set up a ContentMine workshop. It also includes tutorials for learning the ContentMine tools on your own.




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