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General materials for ContentMine workshops

If you are running a ContentMine workshop, please read through this document and use the resources in this repo.

Welcome to the ContentMine workshops repo! This repo is designed to support members of the ContentMine team in designing and implementing a ContentMine workshop or hack event. However the materials found here can also be used by anyone who is interested.

Organisation of this repo

Folder: organisation

This directory contains resources for the organisation of a ContentMine workshop. The following files are avaiable to use:

  • Facilitator Checklist

    This should help facilitators preparing their sessions. Can be converted into github issues and be used as a to do list throughout the planning and execution of the workshop.

  • Coordinator Checklist

    This should help organizers setting up the frame for a workshop. Can be converted into github issues and be used as a to do list.

  • template_programme

    • this can be edited to make a programme for the day with the ContentMine theme. There are Pages and MS Word versions for Apple/Office users

    • this can be copied and pasted as the README for the new workshop repo. It will need to be filled with the relevant information for the specific workshop.
  • template_programme.pages and template_programme.docx
    • Pages or MS Word template for generating the workshop programme - you can use either
    • it may also help to look at programmes from previous workshops:

Folder: sessions

Individual sessions have been moved to workshop-resources where they can be developed independently.


General materials for workshops







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