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Context Mapper

A Modeling Framework for Strategic Domain-driven Design (DDD) and Service Decomposition


  1. context-mapper-dsl context-mapper-dsl Public

    ContextMapper DSL: A Domain-specific Language for Context Mapping & Service Decomposition

    Java 198 27

  2. context-mapper-examples context-mapper-examples Public

    ContextMapper DSL: Examples

    185 68

  3. vscode-extension vscode-extension Public

    Context Mapper VSCode Extension

    TypeScript 18 2

  4. context-mapper-cli context-mapper-cli Public

    Context Mapper Command Line Interface (CLI)

    Java 12 3

  5. web-ide-demo web-ide-demo Public

    Context Mapper Demo for Online IDE (Gitpod)

    FreeMarker 3 32

  6. context-mapper-archunit-extension context-mapper-archunit-extension Public

    Validate your code against the CML model with ArchUnit.

    Java 4


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