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class ContiamoException(Exception):
"""Base class for the library's errors."""
default_message = None
include_error = False
def __init__(self, message=None, http_body=None, http_status=None, json_body=None, headers=None):
# if bytes, decode to string
if http_body and hasattr(http_body, 'decode'):
http_body = http_body.decode('utf-8')
except BaseException:
http_body = (
'<Could not decode body as utf-8. Please report to>')
error_message = message if message else self.default_message
if self.include_error and http_status:
error_message += '\nAPI error %d: %s' % (http_status, http_body)
self.http_body = http_body
self.http_status = http_status
self.json_body = json_body
self.headers = headers or {}
class APIConnectionError(ContiamoException):
"""Basic connection errors such as server not responding."""
class AuthenticationError(ContiamoException):
"""Authentication error due to invalid credentials."""
default_message = (
'Authentication failed, please check your credentials (project id and API key) '
'or contact us if the problem persists:')
class NotFoundError(ContiamoException):
"""Error raised when resource is not found after successful authentication."""
default_message = 'The resource you requested was not found.'
class DataSourceError(ContiamoException):
"""Raises errors related to querying or updating data sources."""
default_message = 'There was an error with the data source involved in your request.'
include_error = True
class UpdateError(ContiamoException):
"""Errors related to saving or updating resources."""
default_message = 'An error happened while creating or updating the resource.'
include_error = True
class QueryError(ContiamoException):
"""Errors related to published query execution."""
default_message = 'An error happened while executing the query.'
include_error = True
class APIError(ContiamoException):
"""Catch-all error for all other non-200 responses including 500."""
default_message = \
'The server responded with an unusual error. Please retry or report the bug to'
include_error = True
class ResponseError(ContiamoException):
"""Raised for invalid responses (e.g. invalid JSON); should be rare."""
default_message = 'The response from the server was invalid. Please report the bug to'
class InvalidRequestError(ContiamoException):
"""Invalid request errors caught before sending the request."""