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ContinualAI - Colab

ContinualAI is an open research community on the topic of Continual Learning and AI! :-) We are building an open-source, collaborative wiki at as well as creating a community of CL enthusiasts! Join us today on slack! :D

ContinualAI - Colab is a repository meant for tutorials and demo running on Google Colaboratory. The central idea is to collaboratively create a number of notebooks and scripts (for demo, showcasing & tutorials) which can be directly imported in Google Colab and are related to Continual Learning. Now, spread the power of Continual Learning! :-)


How to run it


  1. Go to Google Colab and sign in!

  2. Go to the "GitHub" tab and type "continualai"

  3. Pick a notebook an run it! :-)

How to contribute

We have a detailed account of the contribution procedure and guidelines in the corresponding file: CONTRIBUTING

You can also join our community on Slack for discussions: ContinualAI Slack