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The dotfiles we use when pairing.

Uses the homesick format.


Warning, Warning Will Robinson!

Using the stock OSX version of git will likely cause problems. You probably want to brew install git and ensure that /usr/local/bin precedes /usr/bin in your $PATH. You may also want to brew install vim (if you don't, you'll run into a bug in vim that causes it to crash with the message Caught deadly ABRT signal).

First Setup

curl -L | sh
gem install homesick
homesick clone    benjaminoakes/homesick-vi-everywhere
homesick clone    ContinuityControl/dotfiles
homesick symlink  homesick-vi-everywhere
homesick symlink  dotfiles


If you're going to use hitch or other ruby scripts in our dotfiles, install gem dependencies by installing bundler (gem install bundler), and then running bundle in the dotfiles directory:

cd ~/.homesick/repos/dotfiles/home

NOTE: if you use rvm, this will only install these gems for the environment specified by the .ruby-{version,gemfile}. You may need to switch to a different version of ruby.

Git Submodules

In order for vim plugins (and a couple tmux ones) to work correctly, you have to go through a few steps.

Enter your git user details into ~/.gitconfig.d/user and make sure you have an ssh key added to Github.

  name = [YOUR NAME HERE]
  email = [YOUR EMAIL HERE]

Run git submodule update from the ~/.homesick/repos/dotfiles/home/.vim/bundle directory.

If at this point you have a bunch of unstaged changes in the gitsubmodule directories, this is a known quirk with submodules and can be fixed. Until you do, opening vim will likely result in a bunch of errors.

Note: These steps assume that the unstaged changes are a bunch of deletions in each submodule directory. If this is not the case for you, then modify the foreach commands to execute the correct git commands to undo the changes you have.

  1. Run git submodule foreach --recursive git reset
  2. Run git submodule foreach --recursive git co .


homesick pull     homesick-vi-everywhere
homesick pull     dotfiles
homesick symlink  homesick-vi-everywhere
homesick symlink  dotfiles


cd ~/.homesick/repos/dotfiles