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Docker images for Anaconda/Miniconda that are available from Docker Hub:

Documentation for Anaconda Integrations, including Docker:

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docker push continuumio/anaconda:latest
docker push continuumio/anaconda:5.2.0
docker push continuumio/anaconda2:latest
docker push continuumio/anaconda2:5.2.0
docker push continuumio/anaconda3:latest
docker push continuumio/anaconda3:5.2.0
docker push continuumio/miniconda:latest
docker push continuumio/miniconda:4.5.4
docker push continuumio/miniconda2:latest
docker push continuumio/miniconda2:4.5.4
docker push continuumio/miniconda3:latest
docker push continuumio/miniconda3:4.5.4