A plugin system for loading your data and making data catalogs.
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Intake: A general interface for loading data


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Intake is a lightweight set of tools for loading and sharing data in data science projects.
Intake helps you:

  • Load data from a variety of formats (see the current list of known plugins) into containers you already know, like Pandas dataframes, Python lists, NumPy arrays, and more.
  • Convert boilerplate data loading code into reusable Intake plugins
  • Describe data sets in catalog files for easy reuse and sharing between projects and with others.
  • Share catalog information (and data sets) over the network with the Intake server

Documentation is available at Read the Docs.

Development Environment

  • Create development Python environment.
  • pip install -r requirements.txt
  • python setup.py develop
  • Verify development environment by running the unit tests with py.test.