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Helping Chicagoans live a more eco-friendly lifestyle.
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How does one easily live a sustainable lifestyle in Chicago? Although resources exists, they are sporatic and isolated. This app seeks to create a centralized resource to enable residents within Chicago to find resources like electric vehicle charging stations, farmers markets, parks and more in a single location.

Functionality Summary:

  • On page load, pending browser settings, app will pinpoint user location (or be asked)
  • Zip search is limited to Chicago zips only. (60601 or 60614 as a couple of good examples to change point of reference.)
  • The menu on the left will retrieve data and add markers on Google map
  • Each data set has a custom pin
  • Each data marker will show an info window on click displaying data for that location, which is dynamically added to each marker on data load.
  • Weather is real-time and based on either Chicago or user location(not what I worked on, so I don’t recall exactly).

Technology and Languages Used

  • Languages

    • HTML
    • Bootstrap w/ CSS3 Customizations
    • Javascript / jQuery
  • APIs Used

    • Google Maps API
    • Open Weather API
    • Chicago Data Portal
      • Green Roofs
      • Farmers Markets
      • Parks
    • NREL API for EV Charging Stations
    • Divvy Bike Share
  • Database / JSON

    • Firebase

Link to App

( "Link to app")

Development Team

  • Josh Miller
  • Miguel Cano
  • Luc Fewer II
  • Amanda Gault
  • Gowri Rajasekaran
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