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There are two things needed by every API request: an Authorization Token and an API Key. These services, like the rest of your Contrast experience, are only available over SSL.

To begin using the Contrast API, you will need to retrieve your API Key from the server. To do this, you will need to log in to your Contrast account and have the application email you a generated API Key. You may also ask your administrator.

  1. Log in to Contrast
  2. Click the Down arrow next to your login name in the page header
  3. Select Organization Settings or System Settings from the dropdown
  4. Navigate to the API page
  5. Click either Email me the current API Key or Rotate the key and email me a new key

Once you have retrieved your API Key, you will set this, along with your authorization credentials, as headers on each request to the API.

Header Value
API Key The API Key retrieved above (Plaintext)
Authorization Base64-encoded credentials (username:service-key)
Accept application/xml, application/json

Sample Request

curl -HAccept:application/json -HAuthorization:test -HAPI-Key:test

Sample Response

    "links": [
        "rel": "server",
        "method": "GET"
        "href": ""
    "appId": "c0d6b545-6377-483e-8b0c-f2e2e2aa8684",
    "name": "Test Application"

Testing Your Credentials

Once you have your credentials and have encoded them properly, try issuing a simple service call with them. We suggest using Burp, ZAP, WebScarab, or other HTTP tools to verify your credentials before testing them. Any key mismatches or authentication issues (like locked accounts) will cause a 401 error.

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