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Any data enclosed in a HATEOAS link as a GET for a resource can be expanded to be included in the resource result itself. To add a Data Expansion to an API call, you will add the expand parameter to the API Resource call. Each of the resources listed in this documentation lists the data available for expansion under the resource being queried.

Sample Request

curl -HAccept:application/json -HAuthorization:test -HAPI-Key:test

Sample Response

    "links": [ ... ],
    "app-id": "c0d6b545-6377-483e-8b0c-f2e2e2aa8684",
    "name": "Test Applications",
    "short-name": "Test",
    "group-name": null,
    "path": "/test",
    "language": "Java",
    "license": "Trial",
    "lastSeen": 23472983488,
    "server": {
      "server-id": 1,
      "last-startup-message-received": 2/27/2014 17:30:00,
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