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The following parameters can be used for paging and filtering results on GET calls that return multiple results.

Parameter Description
count The number of results to return (default -1 to return all results)
start_index The index within the collection to return as the first result of the page
sort_by The field on which to sort within the returned result (Only Strings, Numbers or Timestamps)
sort_order The direction in which to sort the collection (asc or desc)
curl -HAccept:application/json -HAuthorization:test -HAPI-Key:test

Additionally, there are also pre-generated filters for filtering data in useful ways. This list will continue to grow as we add more filters based on user feedback and client need.

Resource Type Filter Description
Libraries withCVE Filter out libraries that do not have any CVE's associated with them.

To use a filter on a request, simply add the filter parameter and any parameters required by that filter to the URL.

curl -HAccept:application/json -HAuthorization:test -HAPI-Key:test{app-id}/libraries/?filter=withCVE
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