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extension String {
/// Retrieve the contents between two strings. This is used, for example,
/// to get template block names, such as the `hello-world` in:
/// `{{BEGIN name="hello-world"}}`
/// - parameter beginString: The required prefix before the to-be-retrieved-string
/// - parameter endString: The required suffix before the to-be-retrieved-string
/// Only returns a valid string if both prefix and suffix exist
func between(beginString: String, endString: String) -> String? {
// why is it still such a pain to grab a range out of string in swift...
// I know I could use `NSRange` and then convert it, but that feels like cheating
guard self.starts(with: beginString) && self.suffix(endString.count) == endString else {
return nil
let beginPosition = self.index(self.startIndex, offsetBy: beginString.count)
let endPosition = self.index(self.endIndex, offsetBy: -endString.count)
return String(self[beginPosition..<endPosition])