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An ethical open source license alternative.
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An ethical open source license alternative created by Coraline Ada Ehmke.

Project Home Page

For an overview and usage instructions, please visit


Please feel free to submit pull requests or open issues to improve the language of this document.

You should also check the issues for the latest discussions involving the current and future versions of the license.

To build the website locally, first install Hugo using your package manager of choice.
For example, on Debian/Ubuntu:

apt-get install hugo

or if you are using Arch Linux:

pacman -S hugo

or using Homebrew on macOS:

brew install hugo

Then from the repository's root directory, start the development server:

hugo server -D

Adding a Project to the List of Adopters

  • Fork the repository.
  • Add a new row to the adopters.csv file, with the project name in the first column, and the project URL in the second column.
  • Open a pull request.
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