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Hello ... Welcome to the EMIT Developer Wiki!

This is the main Wiki page for the EMIT (Environment Monitoring Internet of Things) Development Kit project.

From here you should find links to everything you need to use the EMIT hardware and develop firmware for it.

This includes a full set of step-by-step Tutorials which will cover everything from a guided tour of EMIT's features, setting up your IDE and flashing your ESP32 right through the development of fully functional firmware.

We suggest you start with the "Guided Tour of EMIT's Features".

The EMIT Firmware Development Guide is now available for MicroPython and Arduino/C++.

EMIT has been designed to fit in an attractive, wall-mounted enclosure. To use this enclosure a very simple modification is needed. This is described along with some other hints and tips on using the enclosure in the EMIT Case Modification application note.

We have also listed some useful Resources which we have created for the EMIT project.

Help us improve

This Wiki and the tutorials are still very much "work in progress".

If you think there is something missing or have a suggestion of how we can improve things please let us know!