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# Distributed with a free-will license.
# Use it any way you want, profit or free, provided it fits in the licenses of its associated works.
# MCP3427
# This code is designed to work with the MCP3427_I2CADC I2C Mini Module available from
import smbus
import time
# Get I2C bus
bus = smbus.SMBus(1)
# MCP3427 address, 0x68(104)
# Send configuration command
# 0x10(16) Continuous conversion mode, Channel-1, 12-bit Resolution
bus.write_byte(0x68, 0x10)
# MCP3427 address, 0x68(104)
# Read data back from 0x00(0), 2 bytes
# raw_adc MSB, raw_adc LSB
data = bus.read_i2c_block_data(0x68, 0x00, 2)
# Convert the data to 12-bits
raw_adc = (data[0] & 0x0F) * 256 + data[1]
if raw_adc > 2047 :
raw_adc -= 4095
# Output data to screen
print "Digital Value of Analog Input : %d" %raw_adc