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02 Ensuring Data Privacy

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Ensuring Data Privacy

Convizit is dedicated to ensuring compliance with all applicable company policies and regulatory requirements as regards capturing private customer data. To ensure that no personally identifiable information (PII) or other regulated data is collected, Convizit combines automatic exclusion of certain types of website content with a manual mechanism that allows site owners to exclude portions of their website from being captured by Convizit.

Automatic Exclusions

Convizit does not collect or transmit information on a webpage that appears within most <input> tags, whether the information is supplied by the web server or entered by a website visitor. For example, clicks on, and the information within, an <input type="text"> tag (a form text box), an <input type="email"> tag (an email address input field) or an <input type="password"> tag (a password input field) will not be captured.

However, clicks on <input> tags with the following "types" are collected: button, color, range, reset, submit. So, for example, a click on an <input type="submit"> (a form submit button) will be captured.

Additionally, Convizit automatically ignores (does not capture or transmit) all content between <address> ... </address> tags in a webpage.

Manual Exclusions

Site owners may manually instruct Convizit to completely ignore any specific HTML elements, by adding the convizit-ignore="true" parameter to any HTML tag in the site. When this parameter is added, clicks on the element containing it will not be captured, and the element will also not be captured as context for any other clicked element. For HTML tags that exist in pairs (e.g., <div> ... </div>), adding the ignore parameter to the opening tag (e.g., <div convizit-ignore="true">) will cause everything in between the opening and closing tags to be completely ignored.

Note that the convizit-ignore="true" parameter can be added to the opening <body> tag of a page to exclude everything within that page from being autocaptured: <body convizit-ignore="true">