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FAQ: Common Questions and Issues

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Why is Automatic Cleaning off by default?

  • The extension can be used in manual mode by using cleanup buttons manually.
  • People get annoyed when something gets done without their permission. Example a Self-Destructing Cookies review:
    • BE CAREFUL On first run, the Program destroyed all my cookies WITHOUT WARNING and tells me how I can recover it afterwards. Really? Ridiculous!

  • It gives people the chance to choose which domains to keep cookies in the whitelist.
  • There's no way to get deleted cookies back at this time; so if the cookies are deleted, they are gone forever.

Is there a way to turn off notifications?

  • Yeah, it's on the settings page. Click the gearbox in the top right of the popup.

Why is there no import from SDC?/Why Cookie AutoDelete doesn't use the native cookie whitelist in Firefox or Chrome?

  • The main issue is that there's no API to access those.

How do I set all cookies to be deleted on browser restart rather than on tab close?

  • Add a wildcard * to the greylist.
  • Whitelisting still works because the whitelist takes precedence over the greylist so you will see 2 entries for a whitelisted site.

What do all the cleanup options mean?

Cookies that don't correspond to an open tab Cookies that correspond to an open tab GreyList WhiteList
Normal Cleanup X
Cleanup, include open tabs X X
Startup cleanup X X
Startup cleanup with "Clean Cookies from Open Tabs on Startup" X X X

What is the state of the WebExtension API to clean X data?

Why can't I move the notification pop-up?

  • Since CAD uses the notification API, the details of how notifications appear and behave may differ according to the operating system and the user's settings. While it allows CAD to use the same code everywhere, it is impossible to add a setting to control where the notification appears on Mobile/Windows/Mac/Linux.

What are the Permissions used for?

  • Access your data for all websites: CAD requests this to delete cookies for all sites
  • Clear recent browsing history, cookies and related data: Ability to delete Localstorage.
  • Display notifications to you: Self explanatory.
  • Read and modify privacy settings: Automatic detection of First Party Isolation support. Although the Privacy permission gives CAD "read and modify" permissions, NO MODIFICATIONS are done to your privacy settings, CAD only reads the setting of First Party Isolation. The privacy permission unfortunately cannot be given granular control, so this will stay for now.
  • Access browser tabs: CAD uses this permission to display the site hostname in the popup for easy whitelisting/greylisting, displaying the amount of cookies for that site, and which rules apply to that site.

How do I reset the extension settings?


I get a whitelist undefined error in Firefox

  • Turn on e10s.
  • Turn off contextual identities support in the extension.

Cookies are not being deleted

  • Clear all your cookies (start with a clean slate)
  • Reset settings other cookie extensions might have made in about:config -> restore default of all network.cookie.* preferences
  • Reset Profiles for your browser and try Cookie AutoDelete again in a fresh profile

Some cookies are being deleted

  • If you are coming from SDC and find that some cookies are deleted on shutdown, it's probably because SDC still has it whitelist intact in Firefox permissions. In this case, try deleting permissions.sqlite in your profile.

Can't install this extension on Firefox

  • You probably have privacy.resistFingerprinting enabled in about:config which can cause a different Firefox version to be shown.
  • Reset general.useragent.override in about:config if it has been changed.

Popup display doesn't look correct

Why are's cookies being Kept/Cleaned?

  • Remember to try everything you can before reporting it on GitHub.
  • Please note that if you report a individual site, you might not get any traction from me or from other contributors as most of us don't have problems with individual sites.
    • If the issue report doesn't contain a lot of information and if it's working fine for most people, then the issue will be closed and be redirected here.
  1. Make sure the Cleanup Log is enabled in the settings

  2. Trigger a cleanup automatically or manually from the popup

  3. Go to the Cleanup Log in the settings (different tab)

  1. Click on the latest log to expand it

    • Every site you see here is all the sites that CAD is monitoring
    • Green means the site's cookies were kept
    • Red means the site's cookies were deleted
  2. Find the offending site

    • Note: If you don't see your site here, then CAD is not monitoring it. Some other external program/extension/tool is causing your issue.

After finding that site, you will see a reason why that site's cookies is being Kept/Cleaned. Hopefully this will result in less reports. :)

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