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uQu Backend

~ from the crowd to the crowd ~

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This app was created in the Hack and Wear 2015 hackathon.

iOS app:

uQu is a platform where you can ask questions based on your location and get answers back instantly from the crowd. Image you want to go to your doctor right before you have to go to work. You only have 10 minutes left to show up there and take your medicine. In this situation it would be perfect to ask someone directly in the waiting room how many people are there. Now it is possible!

With uQu you can ask your question and place them at a specific location!

You ever want to know if Lidl is still open? Want to know something about the atmosphere at a party? Or you ask for the length of the queue in front of you favorite club?

Now all this is possible with a single app!

The best is, if you have an Apple Watch you can control the app directly from your wrist. No need to take you smartphone out of you pocket. Ask you question via voice commands via your watch and getting the answers back instantly on your wrist. It's pretty simple, but damn usefull.

Be informed! Be social! Be part of the crowd!

uQu will make your life easier every day!